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Oral Implantology Treatments

We are Premium Implant Network - PIN, a network of implantologists with more than 25 years of experience. We work with the best professionals, restoring smiles with dental implants in Bogotá and in all the cities of Colombia.

We offer services in Dental Implantology and Esthetic: Implants retain crowns, Fixed Prosthesis supported on implants, Hybrid prosthesis, Overdenture, CAD-CAM crowns and prosthesis, All on 4, Digital plan implants.


It's possible to have an aesthetic and natural smile, and regain the functionality of the mouth!

In Premium Implant Network - PIN We have restoration treatments for lost teeth, with excellent quality Dental Implants.

We offer our patients a unique experience and we always go a little further, educating them in all their oral health care.

Our services

All on 4

It consists of 4 dental implants that hold a complete set of removable or fixed dentures.

Implant supported Crowns

This type of Crowns are used when a single tooth is lost or when there is anodontia (missing tooth).

Fixed Prosthesis Implant supported

Fixed Prosthesis on Implants are used when more than three teeth have been lost.

Hybrid Prosthesis

They are Fixed Prosthesis recommended and used when there is total loss of teeth (edentulous).

Dental Aesthetics

It improves the aesthetics or appearance of the Smile, always looking for a very natural look (smile design).

CAD - CAM technology

Technological system that allows the design and development of dental prosthesis by computer.


They are removable prosthesis supported on implants, used when all the teeth have been lost.

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Geriatric Dentistry

We provide specialized dental treatments for patients 60 years of age and older.

Patients with Systematic Complications

Extensive experience with Patients with Systemic Diseases.

We want you
to smile again!

We focus on the best treatment with implants to solve the problems that occurs when teeth are lost, so our patients not only get a professional but an emotional benefit too. We speak fluent English and Spanish.

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