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When they lose a tooth: how Much do you expect to put a Dental Implant?

When you lose a tooth it is recommended to perform the restoration of your smile as soon as possible. It is recommended to perform the implant treatment, if possible, immediately after the extraction of the tooth is lost.

If you wait a long time after losing a tooth to do the treatment, problems can occur in your mouth like:

Bone loss or bone resorption

When we lose a tooth the bone in that area loses its function, it was to be a support of the root of the tooth. As you do not have to hold anything, it weakens and starts a process of reabsorption, lost gradually with time.


When you insert a dental implant, it replaces the tooth root and the bone continues to perform its function without getting lost.

Unwanted movements of the teeth

The space left when you lose a tooth generates movements in the other teeth. The teeth are moved because they are trying to close the gap of the missing tooth.


The unwanted movements of the teeth can lead to several problems:

A Dental Implant prevents movement of the other teeth. The implant is inserted in the place of the lost tooth, put a crown is cemented or screwed, entirely replacing, aesthetically and functionally the tooth.

Changes in the bite and in the profile

The movement of the teeth makes the bite change. When we talk about a bite (occlusion), we refer to the way in which couple the upper teeth with the bottom when you close your mouth or eat.


Changes in your bite can also generate variations aesthetic in profile and face giving rise to problems in the temporomandibular joint.


When you lose all of your teeth, the profile changes completely due to bone resorption: you lose the outline, change the physiognomy of the face, changes the height of the face, it gives an appearance prognática, there is no support lip so there is a position retruida of the lip, there is a tendency to age the smile, is not shown the teeth.

Wear and loss of other teeth

The changes undergone by the bite because of the lost tooth can cause problems in the other teeth. If the bite is not correct, when colliding with each other and wear out, and even, this can cause fractures or loss of other teeth.

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