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Fixed or removable prosthesis: which one to choose?

There are fixed prostheses and removable prostheses And depending on the one you choose to solve the problem of tooth loss, it will make a difference. We know that it is a difficult decision and that is why we have decided to help you with the information about each one in this article.

The most important thing when making the decision between a fixed prosthesis or a removable prosthesis is that you keep in mind that the prosthesis can help you in your chewing processes, that you can speak and that it looks natural, aesthetically "beautiful".

Fixed prosthesis (hybrid)

An fixed prosthesis it is placed with the help of dental implants that have been placed in the bone of your jaw. Implants replace the root of lost teeth and are the support of the prosthesis. After placing the implants embedded in the bone, the prosthesis is screwed or cemented to the implants.

This type of prosthesis is fixed because you can't remove it or remove it. This can only be done by the specialist when doing maintenance or making any adjustments. This is also considered one of the advantages of the fixed prosthesis, as you will not have to worry about it, just maintain the care that the specialist indicates and carry out the controls that are required to verify its proper functioning and condition. To maintain this type of prosthesis in complete health, a very good oral hygiene must be performed.

To be able to use a fixed prosthesis, the bone and tissues of the mouth must be healthy.

Characteristic of a fixed prosthesis

  • Security: it fixes very well and is safe to speak and chew, without risk of detachment. It is only removed for maintenance in the times indicated by the specialist.

  • Hygiene: cleaning should be more exhaustive than when you have natural teeth since you must use dental floss with threaders and specific oral hygiene accessories such as waterpik.

  • Comfort: it does not misalign, it has no palate and it is quite aesthetic.

  • Fixation: it must have 4 to 6 implants in the upper jaw and a minimum of 4 dental implants in the lower jaw.


This type of prosthesis is removable, that is, you can remove it and put it back on whenever you need it.

A removable prosthesis rrequires implants to build the structure in which the prosthesis will be supported.

Characteristics of a removable prosthesis

  • Removable: it is possible to remove it. You must bear in mind that this type of prosthesis must be removed after each meal to clean it. It is a muco-implant retained prosthesis, this means that it is supported by the implants and the gum.

  • Fixation: different types of adjustments are used, whether rigid, non-rigid, precision or semi-precision and bar.

  • Security: This type of implant-retained prosthesis allows for good stability, functionality and aesthetics.

  • Cost: they are cheaper compared to fixed prostheses.

You can get more information in our complementary article on differences between Hybrid Prosthesis and Fixed Prosthetics.

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