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Why do I have tooth sensitivity?

It's common to present sensitivity in the teeth. The tooth sensitivity it produces generally when the dentin, which is the part that is under the glaze or protective layer of the tooth, becomes exposed.


The sensitivity in the teeth may be generated by gradual loss of the enamel, by retraction of the gums, when you have tooth decay, or when one of the teeth to fracture.

It's also possible to generate sensitivity if you have any habit as bruxism, if you eat a lot carbonated water, lemon, or ice. Sometimes it can be submitted sensitivity if you're using a very abrasive toothpaste. If you have recently made a teeth whitening or a deep cleaning it is normal to have sensitivity in your teeth for a few days.

Loss of enamel

The glaze is the first layer of the tooth, is the lowest layer strong and hard, and has as its function to cover and protect the tooth from all external agents. To wear away the enamel is exposed to the inner part of the tooth is dentin. 


The dentin is soft and is made up of channels microscopic reach the nerve of the tooth. For this reason, when the enamel wears away, it begins to feel tooth sensitivity.


The loss of tooth enamel is caused by brushing too often or with too much force. Can also be caused by habits such as bruxism or, with the passage of time, due to the consumption of acids (such as lemon), carbonated drinks, tea, coffee, or liquor.

Retraction of the gums

When the gums retract the part of the tooth that was covered by it becomes unprotected. The root of the tooth is exposed immediately.


The retraction of the gums caused by brushing very strong, by diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis, or for loss of bone with aging.

Decay, fracture, and other causes

When there are cavities and fractures it exposes the inner part of the tooth and so, it generates sensitivity. This type of problems must be identified in time to prevent serious complications or loss of the affected tooth. 


As mentioned before, the sensitivity can also occur after a deep cleaning or whitening. In these cases, it is normal to feel discomfort for a few days.

In any case, when you feel sensitivity in the teeth, it is recommended to visit the dentist. As you have seen, can be caused by different factors and it is necessary to identify what is the problem you may be presenting to be able to fix it on time and do not take risks with our oral health.

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